Strong Women Leave No One Behind

I casually mentioned the Open Letter Challenge, organized by Josh Irby, to my dear friend and writing pal, Janine, not expecting her to jump at the idea. Inspired by her excitement for the project, I decided I’d better get to work on my own letter.


The following is my response to An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World.

Dear World,

My story is one of sisterhood. My house was full of sisters. Daily, I experienced their unconditional love. I understand the power of women to guide one another and consciously influence, positively.

Yet, I watch as women push each other down. I watch as we hold each other up. Up is the right direction; up is stronger. Up is the way.

I have fought the negativity that comes with surviving adolescence in a mean girl culture. I have been the mean girl and I’m not proud. I have been the good friend and I am proud. We are not in competition. We are allies.

We must share common goals by removing the costumes used to play our roles. The women, who see me, inspire me. See and be seen.

A woman loved feels worthy. Through self-reflection become your own best friend. We start by loving ourselves.

We educate our daughters of the trailblazing women who courageously altered our path. They teach us, “Fear not.” Be awesome. Create – art, career, life.

We wrap our unconditional arms around each other. We draw in our boys, mindful of their vulnerability. Strong women leave no one behind.

Fill the gap between men and women with meaning. We must engage, think and let our emotions mingle together. A fortified strength emerges as we evolve together.

We inspire one another to greatness. We show each other possibilities and encourage. We are action and the gifts we share. We are limitless. Give bravely.

We are sisters. We are in this together, with our brothers. There are no enemies. Collect our souls and live large.

Your Loving Sister,


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