A Thanksgiving Message to Buddy and Princess

It’s looking like our family won’t be together for Thanksgiving this year. Buddy is off to visit a friend in Montreal, Princess is starting her mini-life down under and The Consultant and I are taking advantage of the last fall weather to squeeze in a few more work hours here in Slave Lake. So, I thought it would be nice for us to convene on the pages of my blog in an attempt to “meet” somewhere.

Buddy and Princess enjoying each other's company.

Buddy and Princess enjoying each other’s company.

So, imagine us all sitting around the Thanksgiving table about to dig into turkey and all the fixings, when I say, “Life is all about gratitude, kids. I’d like to believe I gave you that message sometime in the last 24 years, but just in case I didn’t, I’d like to do it now.”

I consider myself inherently grateful. I see my glass as half-full, some days overflowing the top. I take little for granted and am very aware of my blessings. I hope your Dad and I have modelled gratitude well for you and that you’ve each picked up a little gratitude habit of your own.

Mine started after a fifteen-year journal writing hiatus. As I young mom, I was ready to write again and the gratitude journal, high in popularity at the time, was a quick way to restart my practise. Favourite pen in hand, I returned to my journal. I found it easy to sit down at the end of each day to note four or five things for which I’d been grateful. Eventually, I was inspired to elaborate on a few items until I’d officially launched my journal anew. Now gratitude pops into my daily writing and has taken on a life of its own.

Every so often, I go back to my gratitude journal and remind myself of the patterns that emerged in my notes. And, you know, life is full of simple pleasures. I am grateful for –

I'm not tired, I'm not...ZZzz.

I’m not tired, I’m not…ZZzz.

  • Those little things that make me smile; the face of a sleeping child after a full day, a dog with a smile of his own and ice cream.
  • Warmth; a hand-knit sweater, a hot drink on a chilly day, a roaring fire, a hug.
  • Good health; a strong body, nutritious food and the ability to learn and grow.
  • My surroundings; a comfortable home, a diverse country with freedom to roam and unlimited opportunities.
  • And my list-topper, rich relationships. Who are we without nurturing family and encouraging friends?
We all love ice cream!

We all love ice cream!

So, let’s go around the table. This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for all that brings me joy, for all that gives me comfort and for opportunities that are ever-present, as long as I am willing to step out of my own way.

Your turn. Who wants to go next? What you are grateful for?

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  1. Love it! I’m thankful for the opportunities my family has provided me with. Through support socially, emotionally and financially.

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