What Do You Do All Day? – Part 2

Two years ago, I met a writer and poet named Louise Mathewson at a journal writing retreat where I shared my writing dream. After the retreat, I arrived home to an email from her with advice that read something like, “I keep a sticky note on my computer that says, ‘Writing is my Job.’ It helps.” Yes, it does help and I do see writing as my job now.

So, as I was saying in What Do You Do All Day? – Part I, I show up every morning, hoping to find a work of art or, at least, a morsel of brilliance in my writing from the day before. Depending on what I see as priority, I get down to the hard work of editing or, if I start my day inspired, I’ll start something new.

A little extra motivation. I'm glad I found this at the grocery check-out.

A little extra motivation. I’m glad I found this at the grocery check-out.

Once I’ve been working on a piece for a while, I need to distance myself from it so I welcome my mid-day break. I push away from my desk and head out for exercise. Thanks to an impulse buy of The Big Book of Walking for Weight Loss, I have a self-directed workout. It features interval training that I practice at the gym or outside, while I meditate over my current writing piece.  I ask myself questions such as: What does this piece need? What is this piece really about? How can I make this piece better?

Refreshed and with new perspective, I head back to the cabin, and my keyboard for more edits and a little more cut and paste, until a blog post, a legacy piece or something worth submitting is born.

When I’m drained of creativity for writing each day, I turn off my laptop and take my creative juices into the kitchen.

The Best Cookbook Ever!

The Best Cookbook Ever!

Since I’m out of the big city rat race and have a flexible schedule, the joy has come back to cooking.  Planning a great meal for dinner is a pleasure. I get to play with food and The Consultant comes home to something simple and healthy, made with fresh ingredients.  By planning around seasonal produce I bring together something like a barbeque and salad or, as fall approaches, a hearty soup or stew.

Sometimes the evening meal is cooking when The Consultant arrives home so that he is enticed by smells wafting from an open window. Other times I prepare it while he works on his reports at the end of the day. It all makes me feel a little like June Cleaver but I’m okay with a little bit of ‘50s charm.

The Consultant’s days are long and our evenings together are short. As the day winds down, we tuck away our laptops to debrief on our happenings. You might find us out on the deck with a glass of wine or sharing our stories over dinner but we are surely taking time to enjoy our beautiful view of Lesser Slave Lake.

Well, my friends, I hope I’ve helped you picture my world. Thanks for looking in on my day. I couldn’t be happier!

Favourite Cookbook of the Summer –Best Recipes Ever from Canadian Living and CBC 

Be sure to try the Beer and Bacon Steamed Mussels, Oven-Poached Salmon, and No-Bake Lime Cheesecake Squares

Favourite Recipe Website of the Summer – All Recipes.com

We love the Lemon Ginger Shrimp and the Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini

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