Mom’s Love

Every sweater Mom knit was beautiful and created with love.

Every sweater Mom knit was beautiful and created with love.

My mother’s love

Is aron-knit


Steady row connects

Even rows

Intricate pattern rests

Compassion on my shoulders


Wrapped in wool

Gentle rock

Way forward

Then back to protection


Tucked over lap

Cocoon keeps

Chills at bay

Secure insulation


Or waiting

Over chair back


For the right time


Reach up

Pull on

Hair smoothed over

Buzzing brain


And inhale deeply

Her scent

Permeates skin

Released through tears


I breathe.


Note: My mom, Dawn Ostrom, showed her love in so many ways but if you received one of her hand knit sweaters, you knew you had something special. She passed away in July 2011 and would have been 83 today.

6 thoughts on “Mom’s Love

  1. This is beautiful, Kath! I had trouble putting ,,,”My angles”….on my tree yesterday. You’ll have to admire them Christmas night.I would like all of the grandchildren to take something out of Mom’s Christmas decoration boxes on Wednesday.There are some lovely things.See you tonight!Love,Karen

    Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 15:27:42 +0000 To:

  2. Hi Kath – brought a lump to my throat.xx

    Both my Mum and Dad are dead and at this time of year I feel my loss of their love keenly. To be wrapped in the warmth embrace of loving parents,whose concern for your welfare is first and foremost in their minds as you grow and keeping you safe and surrounded by love, is a present I wish all children could experience from.
    Merry christmas,

    • Hi Janice, We lost our Mom and Dad within one month of each other that year and my Mother-in-law four months before them. Yes, we are missing many of our cheerleaders! I am fortunate that my children were able to know them all well. Merry Christmas to you as well and here’s to more adventures in 2014! Best, Kathi

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