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This photo greeted me on Facebook this morning. My daughter, Princess, posted it. It’s not the best photo of the two of us but I like it. It’s an oldie that takes me back to fun summer days at the lake where we escaped technology and bonded as family.

The message with the picture is “Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard working Moms out there. A special shout out to my amazing mother, Kathi. I love you!!!!!!”

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day today. It still feels strange for me to walk right by the Mother’s Day section of the card store. I have no one to buy for. Even after 3 years, it jars me to think that both The Consultant’s mother and mine are gone.

It makes for a pretty simple Mother’s Day for our family. I am now the centre of attention – something I’m usually uncomfortable with. But, amongst my immediate family, I have to admit it feels pretty good.

Princess presented me the loveliest letter this morning, along with a selection of iced teas from David’s Teas. I’ll enjoy them on the deck up in Slave Lake this summer and think of her.

It looks like the sun will shine on Mother’s Day. I’ll get out for a walk in Confederation Park amongst lots of other moms. The Consultant and I will go to a movie about a couple who celebrates their 30th anniversary in Paris. Then we’ll all head over to Buddy’s for steak dinner. I feel spoiled and I hope you do, too.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy friends and family. This Sunday, you are queen for a day. Enjoy!

... Fun Time!

… Fun Time!

3 thoughts on “Queen for a Day

  1. What a lovely post. I hope your day was a spoiled one. You deserve it. I am lucky to still have my mother. I talked to her first thing this morning. Otherwise, it’s a bittersweet day for me, missing Chris. I spent the day with a friend, Marilyn, lunch, massages and dessert at a local bar. It was a good distraction. It’s wonderful that your daughter posted what she did on FB. She sounds like a special one! I know you know that, too! Sending love and Happy Mothers’ Day!!

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