Distracted by Beauty II (It’s Everywhere)

Beauty is everywhere.

Startling contrast between earth and sky.

Startling contrast between earth and sky.

Just look.

Red Leaves on Birch

Red Leaves on Birch


I recently stopped everything to watch this sunrise.

She was a beauty.

She was a beauty.


I am reminded to slow down.

Old and new - so pretty.

Old and new – so pretty.


Stop if I must.

An inviting place to pause for a moment.

An inviting place to pause for a moment.


And notice.


A bald eagle ready to fly.


Somewhere between this little bug under the butter cup


and the sun rising below these clouds.



There you are.


Stop. Look. Do you see it?



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My blogging friend, Jan, over at Travel With the Strings posted this recently while I was working on Distracted by Beauty II. A nice serendipitous occurrence.

7 thoughts on “Distracted by Beauty II (It’s Everywhere)

  1. I Loved this! Such beautiful pictures, but more than that, your stopping and noticing impresses me. It’s so easy to take this beauty for granted; I know I often just slide by what the world offers and miss what could uplift and amaze me. Thanks for reminding me to slow down and really see what is around me.

    • Thank you, Dottie. I’ve seen so many beautiful sights the last while. I still have to remind myself to take notice of less obvious day-to-day beauty.

  2. What a great reminder . . . not only to stop and take in God’s majesty, but also to remember that the world in which we live is much larger than any of us. We are stewards of this beauty and your photos are a powerful reminder of our responsibility to the earth. Thank you for this gorgeous post.

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