Life In This Family

View from the front deck this morning.

View from the front deck this morning.

The sun’s refection bounces off the iced-over lake and warms my face. Any minute now, Buddy and Princess will pull up with their partners. I have tiny butterflies in my stomach. It’s the anticipation of family time. The Consultant and I will enjoy our afternoon with them.

Ice that is perfect for sailing!

Ice that is perfect for sailing!


We will spend some time outdoors, today. There’ll be skating and ice sailing. Back at the cabin, we’ll gather around the table to chatter and share favourite snacks – chicken wings, smoked turkey, buns, fresh veggies and dip.

I know ours is just like many others but I still want to believe my family is unique.



Our Family –

  • is not afraid to express our thoughts and opinions
  • sees and hears each other
  • validates each other as individuals
  • supports each other’s dreams
  • buoys each other up through challenging times
  • recognizes each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • dances together at weddings
  • sings at the dinner table
  • celebrates and cries together
  • hugs freely
  • laughs often
  • misses each other when apart
  • loves each other unconditionally.

To me that’s all pretty special.

Tell us about the family you live in.

8 thoughts on “Life In This Family

  1. Lovely. You have a wonderful family, and you write about them with such love! They are special, and you have reason to be proud. Enjoy your time together!

    • No two families are really alike, are they? I’m glad we can share our thoughts. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Family. I think for me the word says it all… Familiar. How nice to have a group of people to be familiar with. To want to do no more that sit round a table and eat a good with, to smell their skin and hug them dearly. A group of people supporting each other in living their own lives and yet being together also. A flow, a collective, a creation. My thoughts on family 🙂
    Photos look lovely Kath. So jealous of the ice sailing!!!

    • “A flow, a collective, a creation.” I love the way you think of family, Jan! Sounds like a great title for a post. 🙂

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