Around Here (Slave Lake Edition)

Around here –


  • Fog rests on the lake I see each morning,
  • a late sunrise brightens only the treetops and bleaches the waves of Lesser Slave Lake to a glow,
  • the caw of a lone crow echoes,
  • and the humming bird feeder swings idle.
  • When the sun shines on the tree out front it turns shocking yellow.
  • Our sun umbrella is wrapped up tight,
  • yet we hope for enough warmth to play golf one more time.


Momma Bear Visited Recently

Momma Bear Visited Recently

  • A can of bear deterrent sits beside the vitamin D on the table beside the window,
  • a healthy, young coyote trots along the edge of the tree stand and carries straight on to the beach,
  • a barn cat or two curl up on the prickly mat outside our door wondering what it would be like to come in,
  • and the buffalo lie settled in the dry field nearby.
  • The cabin smells of comfort – robust, tomatoey minestrone soup.
  • What’s going on around the North Shore Homestead? Fall has arrived,
  • and my next trip home to Calgary will be the final drive this season.


What’s going on where you are? I’d love to hear.




4 thoughts on “Around Here (Slave Lake Edition)

    • Yes, I guess I did, Dottie. Doesn’t quite measure up to yours but I’ll graciously accept your compliment!

  1. Here….in the valleys near San Francisco….Indian Summer is in full force. Warm temperatures are helping our too-late planted fruits and veggies grow green and strong. Hummingbirds enjoy the blossoms of our delayed crops. Our cat, resting lazily under the bushes, leaves the little birds to their task. Barbecue fires scent the evening air and night comes too soon.

    • Hello Gayleen. This is lovely. I’m right there with you! Thanks for sharing your part of the world with me. 😉

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