I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late…

Oh my goodness, I just realized my last post was April 4th – almost two months ago. I’m so far behind on updating my blog! There’s just been so much going on, it seems. I know – excuses, excuses.

But, here’s what’s been happening around here.


  1. I piloted my workshop, Journal Your Legacy, on-line.

I had eight students work through a four-week program and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The course will improve as it goes on, thanks to the involvement of my freshman class. Watch for more information, coming soon.

2.  Our trip to Zihautanejo, Mexico.

Playa La Ropa - In all my travels, one of the most beautiful beaches I've seen.

Playa La Ropa – In all my travels, one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen.

Another dream spot checked off the bucket list. The Consultant and I had the opportunity to visit Zihuatanejo with friends in April. If you are thinking about it, go! As far as vacation destinations, it’s one of my favourites to date.

  1. Our kids threw a 30th anniversary party for us.
Yes. We Still Do!

Yes. We Still Do!



Surprise! Yes, we were absolutely surprised by this party. The kids hit it out of the park. So many people, so much fun! The Consultant and I were reminded that friends and family members have played a huge part in our love story.



  1. Buddy’s birthday

I can’t believe I have a twenty-seven year old son! Where did the time go? We were away last year so, we were exceptionally happy to celebrate with our boy this year.

  1. Legacy facilitation training with Rachael Freed

It is thanks to Rachael Freed, author of Your Legacy Matters and Women’s Lives, Women’s Legacies, that my interest in legacy writing has grown. What a joy to learn from and work with her. I’m now officially a Certified Legacy Facilitator. I see the possibilities as endless!

  1. Video for Danny Iny’s Course Builders.

I’ve been working with Danny’s Course Builder team on getting my work out into the world, and loving it. Since I ran a successful pilot, they had me record a little video of my experience. It’ll be on their website this fall.

  1. Mother’s Day

I received the best gift ever – all of our VHS family videos converted to DVD. And, an afternoon and evening of watching and laughing while eating sushi. Ahhhh. Thanks again, Buddy and Princess.

  1. Journal Conference 2016: Pioneering the Next 30 Years

    My Heart Writer Sister and Me outside the little classroom where my presentation took place.

    My Heart Writer Sister and Me outside the little classroom where my presentation took place.

I’m still riding the wave of all the giving and receiving that happened between May 18th and 22nd at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC. I presented an introduction of Journal Your Legacy to an engaged and receptive audience. Walking among my people made the whole conference feel like magic!

  1. Connecting with friends

It is my MO to fill myself up by connecting with as many family members and friends as I can before I drive north to our temporary summer location. Kept me pretty busy and very happy!

  1. Back to the temporary life – Slave Lake.

And now, here I am, back in Slave Lake. I’m ready to write and ready to get caught up with you.


As you can see, I have so much to write about, I don’t know where to begin. So, stand by as I sort out these new posts. There’s plenty coming your way.


What have you been up to the last couple of months?



2 thoughts on “I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late…

  1. Wow, now that you put it all in one place, you really were busy for a couple of months! It all sounds wonderful. You are living your life fully. I look forward to more details on all your activities. Enjoy Slave Lake!

    • … and I realized I forgot to mention Brene Brown’s Courageworks, Dottie! That was so great. It’s all been so great! I’ll look forward to catching up you before long. xo

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