Wildflower Colour Explosion



After three seasons in Slave Lake with The Consulant, I was beginning to think I’d seen all there is to see around here. I used to drive with my camera in the passenger seat beside me but I don’t anymore.IMG_5106

Last weekend, I was regretting that I’d left it at home on a shelf under the coffee table. As I took my regular walk along Devonshire Beach Road, I noticed this great burst of colour that popped out after all the rain we’ve had lately.IMG_5108

Was this something new? Is it possible that I’ve seen this wildflower display before and missed it? Maybe it’s just that these blossoms didn’t appear all at the same time in previous seasons.IMG_5118

Early in the week, I pulled out my camera, charged the battery and made a point of getting back with hopes of capturing most of what I’d noticed. I hope you enjoy some of the better shots.IMG_5124I think I’ll get back to carrying my camera as my passenger. I hate to think I could have missed this party of gulls –


-all squawking and laughing and carrying on!

Or that I’ll miss anything else.

I hope you’re enjoying the sights of summer as much as I am. And that you’re capturing them, too.

Note – This post is dedicated to my sister, K2, who never leaves home without a camera, doesn’t miss a thing and would have shot these photos first time around. I think she’ll enjoy these flowers today. xo 

6 thoughts on “Wildflower Colour Explosion

    • What was that quote I read recently? “You should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day… Unless you’re busy, then you should sit for an hour.” This is my peace.

  1. Love the pictures and would like to see those flowers in person! it does seem to be a bumper crop of flowers down my way, too.

  2. I love seeing the photos and I especially love the quote about sitting for an hour. I think I’d need two hours! And here all this time I thought I wasn’t supposed to leave home without my American Express card. Silly me! It should have been my camera.

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