Building A Life

Do you remember finishing high school or university and wondering, now what?

Up until this point in life, everything seemed so nicely laid out for you. You knew you were working toward a diploma or degree to be proud of in the end. You could count on a large friend pool to draw from and knew you’d likely meet your next date somewhere within that system. It was such a neat little package. For many of us, it was fun.

Then, that time in life seems to end suddenly. You’re thrust out into the world and there’s so much life stretching out ahead of you, you’re overwhelmed. The landscape looks vast and empty. The thought of venturing into your future is scary.

I wonder what's out there?

I wonder what’s out there?

I remember feeling that way when I graduated from travel school. I was fearful and I actually asked my mom, “What have I got to look forward to now?” All I could see was Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 drudgery, and most of my friends scattering about in different directions.

That’s where I’m at with my kids, now. They’ve started jobs and wonder whether this work routine is all there is. They look way out ahead and can’t quite imagine the adventures and opportunities that stretch before them.

Forty years since my first date with The Consultant, their dad, I’m looking at my own life from the other side of what they’re feeling. I’m in a great position to tell Buddy and Princess, “No. This is not all there is. The best is yet to come. You have so much to look forward too.”

“Think of all the choices you get to make,” I get to say, “And every time you make a choice you create something. Make a different choice and create something new.”

Making a home.

Making a home.

You get to:


  • fall madly in love and choose a partner, then, if you do,
  • decide if and when you’d like to share that love and grow a family of your own,
  • to find a house and make it a home,
  • satisfy your own curiosity by traveling, by reading, by attempting new ventures,
  • move in your own direction and if you don’t like the direction you’re are headed change it.


All these choices add up to building a life. That’s what you get to do, kids. In fact, if you take a good look, you’re already doing it.

Building a life. Now, that’s something I wished I’d looked forward to when I was twenty-something.

The view is pretty good from here!

The view is pretty good from here!





8 thoughts on “Building A Life

  1. Such interesting thoughts made me remember my life “back then.” I didn’t even think about choice then; I just blundered into my life, making decisions without wondering where they would take me. I’ve made it this far, but I wonder sometimes, could it have been different? Would I change anything? Since I am okay basically with where I am now, I would say no. But you have spurred me on to realizing I still have choices. I still have my life. I can do whatever I choose, even now. Thanks, Kathi, for making me think!

    • So true. It sounds like you’re one of those I envied in my twenties who knew at a young age what she was meant to do. I didn’t connect with my passion until much later in life. I hope my own kids will get there sooner. Thanks so much for your comment!

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