The 40 Reasons “Why” Challenge

Bryan Hutchinson over at is challenging his readers to a “Why I Write” challenge.

I know we aren’t all writers, but we all have ‘that thing’ we do. You might love dancing. Maybe you paint, maybe you scrapbook your photos. We all need a creative outlet. What’s yours?


Listing the reasons we write is a popular exercise for writers. It’s a good reminder for those times when we just can’t get ourselves to practice. I’ve journaled my list at least a couple of times over the years. Since it’s been a while, I think I’ll accept Bryan’s invitation to sit down and consciously revisit mine with, perhaps, some new perspective.

The 40 Reasons “Why I Write” Challenge


I see writing as –

  1. my main creative outlet,
  2. a spiritual practice, and
  3. meditation.

I write for –

  1. clarity,
  2. connection,
  3. awareness,
  4. my health and wellness,
  5. inner strength,
  6. closure and making room for the good stuff,
  7. the thrill of finding the right word, and
  8. the joy of it!

I write to –

  1. capture life and all its beautiful details,
  2. be seen and heard,
  3. understand and be understood,
  4. explore ideas,
  5. overcome fear,
  6. stay balanced,
  7. clarify my intentions,
  8. know what I’m thinking,
  9. know myself,
  10. share myself,
  11. stay focused on my priorities,
  12. clarify and stay connected to my world view,
  13. stay in touch with my Inner Knowing,
  14. mine for life lessons,
  15. imagine what life was like when…,
  16. strengthen relationships,
  17. build community,
  18. connect family,
  19. clarify and pass on my legacy,
  20. stay focused on my dreams, and
  21. share the love.

I write because –

  1. I communicate better in writing,
  2. it makes me feel calm,
  3. it makes me happy,
  4. it challenges me,
  5. writing is action,
  6. it helps me think on a deeper level,
  7. I love it! and
  8. I know that Writing Life Matters.


In looking over my list, I can see quite obviously that writing is a quality-of-life activity for me. What I noticed this time is that I finally accept writing as fun and joyful. It used to fit into the frivolous hobby category for me – not anymore.

Over the years, writing has helped me move through numerous transitions. It’s helped me connect with family. It seems my writing purpose grows greater all the time.

When you commit to any practice, that’s what tends to happen. You get clearer on the “why.”

Are you a writer? Why do you keep coming back to pen and paper?

Are you a home chef? Why do you love creating food masterpieces?

Do you take your camera everywhere? Why do you want to capture what you see?

Have you been planning out your garden in preparation for spring? What are the reasons that your garden seems to call you all winter long?


Creativity creates wonder and simply makes life better. Have you ever considered the “why” behind that idea? What moves you to keep coming back to your creative pursuits?

You might be surprised by the clarity and motivation such a simple exercise brings to your craft. Take the challenge and write your list – The 40 Reasons “Why I _______.”

4 thoughts on “The 40 Reasons “Why” Challenge

  1. Great list! I may have to try it, though you know how lists intimidate me. I need some clarity and some purpose. A list like this may help. Thanks!

  2. i LOVE list making. I didn’t read your list because I plan to take your challenge and didn’t want to be influenced. But I’ll go back and read it — and compare our lists —
    after I take the challenge. Thanks for this.

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