Sixty Candles on the Birthday Pie

He doesn’t like cake, so we celebrate his birthday with pie. This year it’s a milestone. The big 6–0. It seems like a good time to share some thoughts and feelings about this guy we call The Consultant – son of G-pa, Buddy and Princess’s dad, my husband of thirty-one years.

There’s a few more candles than this, this year!

G-pa has known The Consultant the longest, for all of his sixty years. He’s the only one around who has seen him grow from a sweet, redheaded baby boy born in Squamish, B.C. to the lightly greying man that he is now. It occurs to me that G-pa probably has a few untold stories to tell and I’ll have to ask him, “What was it like raising a son the likes of The Consultant?” What will he say?

I can’t imagine what it feels like to have a sixty-year-old son. I’ll have to ask about that, too. That’s more than twice the age of our own kids! Buddy’s relationship with The Consultant has been twenty-eight years, Princess’s twenty-six and mine, more than half my life.

He’s one interesting guy. He was already full of life experiences when I met him forty-one years ago. I was always attracted to his independence and his “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” attitude. Many would say it’s a challenge to get to know him and the old adage, “his bark is worse than his bite,” truly applies. But, I know it’s worth the effort and time.


What I know and love about him is:

  • that he makes me laugh everyday, even the tough ones,
  • how he loves and respects his dad, just as his kids love and respect him,
  • that he expects no more of others than he expects of himself – be a straight shooter and do your best work,
  • his belief in accountability – own your “stuff,”
  • his natural athletic ability,
  • he works hard for his money and expects good value for it,
  • that he likes to laugh and joke, even though some of his jokes are as old as he is,
  • that he’s not afraid to share his opinion and enjoys a good debate over it,
  • his enthusiasm for homemade apple pie, or pretty much any pie really,
  • the gratitude he shows for every meal I serve him and how he loves to cook breakfast for me and anyone else who’s around,
  • and, when he commits to something or someone, The Consultant commits wholeheartedly. I know no one could care more for our kids and me.


I wish I loved to bake but I don’t. So I’m afraid his birthday pies are often store bought. Be assured, I put as much love into buying them as I would if I’d baked one myself.

Wishing you the Happiest Birthday, ol’ guy. I’m not sure how we are going to fit sixty candles onto just one pie. Maybe we’ll try; maybe it’s time I bought two.

8 thoughts on “Sixty Candles on the Birthday Pie

  1. Gave me a smile to carry around for the day! Wish Paul a belated Happy Birthday from me, means mine is around the corner, lol xo

    • Well, happy 60th to you, Sara. Paul says it’s not so bad. He just has to remember to turn off his signal light when he’s driving now. 🙂

  2. What a lovely tribute! What a great family you have, and you write about them in such caring and loving ways. I remember the grilled cheese sandwich Paul made for me when we were waiting to take me to the airport a couple of years ago. I loved meeting him and enjoyed the brief time I was around him. Please wish him a happy birthday from me!

    • Oh yes! Grilled cheese, another of his specialties. I’m so glad you had the chance to meet even if it was only for a short while. I’ll be sure to pass on your good wishes!

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