Blissful and Blessed

A few of my blessings.

A few of my blessings.

I haven’t quit smiling since I left Calgary for Slave Lake yesterday. After a week of connecting with family and friends, I am feeling truly blessed.


I can’t express these feelings any better than Janelle Ross has in her post, All My Blessing Breathe. Thank you, Janelle, for allowing me to share it with my readers here today.


All My Blessing Breathe

They drive off, the three of them, in the oldest’s truck, and I walk back into an empty house. Not empty-sad, mind, just empty. And I think, there go my blessings.

(to READ more click this link – Source: all my blessings breathe | My Men and Me)

Janelle is a fellow Canadian and mom who blogs at My Men and Me.

6 thoughts on “Blissful and Blessed

  1. Lovely post, poignant and sweet. I can see how it spoke to you. I remember, even after my son was an adult,waving to him as he drove away after a visit of even a few hours and feeling that pang of missing him all over again. His short life was a blessing to me, and I still miss him sometimes. When that happens, I remember his smile, and it makes me smile to think of it.

    • I feel like life is all about relationships. Without the people I love, what would there be? I happy to hear that thinking of your son makes you smile. I’m sure he still smiles with you. Hugs.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Janelle’s post. Like Dottie, I can see why it resonated for you. I love her breath analogy and I think that mothers all over the world can relate to her experience.

    • So true! Mothers and their children but also friends, sisters, brothers, fathers….

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