G-Pa Turns Ninety

There’s a pretty special man in my life turning 90 years young today.

When I was calling to invite my father-in-law’s friends to his celebration dinner, they were surprised. Ninety? Already? Yes, it’s hard to believe this young-at-heart grandpa to my kids is hitting this milestone.

A much younger G-Pa with his kid brother.

A much younger G-Pa with his kid brother.

Buddy and Princess call him “G-Pa.” They’ve grown up close to him mostly due to time together at the family cabin. When they were young, he’d load them and his dog into the aluminum boat and putt along the lakeshore from the cabin to the village so they could play with some of the other kids.

Over the years, he’s handed them paper and pencil to work out the answers to his challenging puzzles. He’s put them to work on projects that involved them in making the cabin a better place for all of us. He always finds ways to tease them and they find their own ways to get him back. Such a wonderful grandpa, he is.

I couldn’t have handpicked a better father-in-law for myself, either. There is so much I can thank him for:

  • his willingness to accept me as I am and treating me as one of his own;
  • the support he’s shown me through tough times;
  • the opportunities he provided his own children that we’ve passed to Buddy and Princess – a cabin as a family meeting place, a sports club that’s our second home and community;
  • his contributions to my kids’ characters;
  • and his “glass half full” view of life.

G-pa loves people and shares his sense of humour generously. We never tire of listening as he tells his favourite jokes over and over since it’s never quite the same story twice. We love the way he laughs before he’s finished then looks to our faces, making sure we all agree that he is indeed funny.

Me pretending I don't notice G-Pa's funny Christmas hat.

Me pretending I don’t notice G-Pa’s funny Christmas hat.

I’ve always said, “I lucked out in the father-in-law department.”

I can’t wait to raise a glass to him tonight.

Happy Birthday, G-Pa. xoxo



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    • We had a great time, Della. And guess what? He stood up in front of his friends and told one his classic jokes. It made my night!

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